Sam Tomkins is an Industrial designer, currently engaged in a range of creative projects from furniture and home-wares to toys for linguistic education. Outside of his studio he also teaches at University of Canberra’s faculty of arts and design in digital design, production technologies and visual representation. A graduate of the University of Canberra in 2013 where he was awarded the Design Institute of Australia Graduate of the year award (NSW/ACT) for industrial design and the Michael Bryce Award for Design Excellence. A process driven by problem solving based in experimentation, his design outcomes are influenced by materials and production techniques, both traditional and emerging.






2014 - Designcraft: Craft + Design Award - Canberra Design Festival (TOMKINS + PEOPLES - Company Bowls).


2014 - DIA Graduate Of The Year Award (GOTYA) - NSW/ACT - Industrial Design.


2013 - Michael Bryce Award For Design Excellence.

2012 - Winner - INNOVATION ACT Trophy Design Competition.

2012 - Shortlisted - CSIRO Titanium Challenge - "Foldable Titanium Crutches."